Mobile Tunnel

Mobile Tunnel

The Mobile Tunnel buildings consist of a light metal frame, have the possibility of opening-closing the frame and their use is intended for temporary storage of products and materials. Fixed and folding warehouses are galvanized in hot steel, with a PVC cover, or with steel thermal insulating panels. They are designed to increase the logistical and production process of each company: ideal for creating production sites as well as storage spaces in a short time or to cover any activity, retaining all the advantages of a stable but removable structure. Each construction is planned and calculated (statically and dynamically certified) correctly for each installation area, this guarantees absolute safety and durability over the years.



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Available in different models:

- Independent buildings.

- Extending a building front or side.

- Extensions with a single-sided, or double-sided.

- Prefabricated shelters or arched.

- Housing for special buildings.

- In large sizes and special uses.