Folding and Collapsible Containers

Folding and Collapsible Containers.

Basic dimensions up to 1,820 x 1,200 mm, the best reduction in volume when empty and simple to use: Folding boxes are the all-rounders in returnable logistics. ERG developed the collapsible and folding container for the Greek market. The successful secret of the originals that are often copied: folding or collapsing the side walls of the large-volume boxes creates flat units for the return transport. This means that you can save up to 80% of the transport volume when returning the empty containers


















- Durable and strong.

- Hold great loads for a lightweight product.

- Provide excellent protection for contents.

- Indestructible for normal handling.

- Maximize folding and stacking.

- Save space when collapsed.

- Easy to move and transport.

- Highly resistant to weather and pollutants.

- Easy to clean and safe to handle.

- Non-toxic and will not transfer contaminants.

- Environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.

- Reusable, time and time again.