Vertical Storage Systems

Vertical Storage Systems

Vertical Storage system provides solutions to companies that are looking to maximize warehouse storage space and optimize the efficiency of the labor force you employ to fulfill product picking and order fulfillment. Depending on your specific storage solution needs, we offer vertical storage solutions (vertical lift modules & vertical carousels) and horizontal carousels to ensure that your warehouse is orderly, secure and easily accessible to your workers. Vertical storage systems offer unparalleled selection rates, choice precision and a secure work environment. Whether on a rotating carousel or in the form of a storage disk, they operate on the basis of the principle of goods in man and not in man in goods. The stock is delivered to the consignee. the selector does not have to look for the stock.













- The stock is stored in tall multi-door units and delivered to the collector via an internal crane.

- The stock is selected from a linked touch screen.

- There are many choice bench options to maximize inventory handling.

- Up to 2000 options per hour per operator per selection bench.

- Over 1000 orders per day, per system.

- The modular construction allows the installation to be adjusted to the available roof height.

- Small footprint (from just 7.8 m²).

- Safe, clean storage environment with minimal risk for personal injury.