Automated Warehousing Systems

Automated Warehousing Systems

From the traditional high bay warehouse to innovative robot-based material handling solutions. ERG offers you a wide range of traditional and out of the box technologies for automated warehousing that provide quality, flexibility and efficiency. Modular, flexible and software-driven material handling technologies. Every company has different logistics and supply chain requirements. Our automated warehouse solutions are perfectly customized to your needs and guarantee the optimal flow of goods at a low cost per pick. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, we offer the materials handling technology that perfectly meets your needs from receiving to shipping.








Benefits of Automated Warehousing Systems:

- Lack of human error.

- Throughput optimization.

- Lower injury risk.

- Reduced Operating Expenses.

- Enhanced Inventory Visibility.

- Continuous Improvement.

- Enhanced Security.

- Inbound and Outbound Optimization.

- More Efficient Labor Management.

- Improved Employee Morale.

- Enhanced Billing Management.

- Improved Relations with Customers and Suppliers.