Vario Sprinter

Vario Sprinter

The shuttle system vario sprinter is recognized for its high performance, a very high degree of flexibility and best possible scalability. With WLAN or Bluetooth (respectively), and Embedded Controller with integrated selektron SCADA visualization, the shuttle system represents the latest state-of-the-art technology. The power supply is obtained via an on-board supercapacitor, so that the energy recovery module (integrated as standard) is especially effective. Its modular structure allows for a high degree of redundancy and the best possible scalability. So, the complete range of psb load handling device technologies (e.g. tray, bin, carton gripper) can be applied in its entirety. By adding further shuttles, the performance of the designed system can be enhanced considerably, even during operation. The vario.sprinter is the perfect complement to the AS/RS stacker crane systems. Depending on the configuration, more than 1,000 double cycles per aisle can be achieved.