Light Duty Cantilever

Light Duty Cantilever.

Column, bracket, pin and  seismic bracing. The columns consist of two tapered and welded channelsscrewed onto the base with special circular washers which distribute the column’s bending moment on its circular crown. The column and the bracket are fastened together with high resistance nuts and bolts. Designed for manual handling operations, it can also be used with the most complex mechanical picking systems, and constitutes an excellent alternative to the cantilever to be offered to small and medium-sized companies, for long and cumbersome products. Its special structure allows you to considerably reduce volumes and transportation costs. The shelves can be assembled without any problems in the single-sided, double-side version and vice versa thanks to the bolting system.



















- Easy-to-assemble.

- It is ideal for the storage of beams, profiles, pipes, timber, etc of light weight.

- It can be fitted on one side of the structure only, or on both sides.

- No limitation to products length.

- Suited to interior installations.

- Various arm lengths available.

- Easily adjustable arm distances.

- Fully modular, with extra sectionns available as you need them.