Stacker Cranes for Pallets

Stacker Cranes for Pallets

The automated storage system with high load bearing capacity and high reliability. The automated storage systems for pallets and large containers are storage systems in which the load units are handled by means of automated storage and retrieval machines which run on rails, with a single or double mast frame depending on the requirements of the system. Automated storage and retrieval systems are equipped with different gripping systems (such as telescopic forks or the like), for the storage and picking from single or dual depth shelves, making this solution highly adaptable to a wide range of materials and handling needs. The range of stacker cranes adapts easily to the needs of each warehouse in terms of load capacity, dimensions, building height and cycle times, and so is able to cover a huge range of applications.  ERG partners also develops and supplies all the software related to the automated storage and retrieval system supplied. This manages not only the automated storage and retrieval system itself but the entire warehouse logic including the areas at ground level, loading docks, packing and shipping areas.











- Automation of the entry and exit operations of products.

- Controls and updates the inventory.

- Eliminates manual management mistakes.

- These systems can be adapted to special working conditions such as freezing temperatures (-30 °C), extreme humidity or special features including the possibility of increasing standard working speeds.