Warehousing Automation

Warehouse Automation

Every company has different business models with warehouses playing many different roles in the supply chain. In the past, warehouses have been referred to as just costs centers, rarely adding value. However, with the increasing demands from customers, warehouses are now seen as vital components in the supply chain. In today’s market, most companies have moved away from a ‘push’ supply chain to a ‘pull’ supply chain and are seeking state-of-the-art automated warehouse storage solutions. Whether expanding an existing location, opening a new facility, adding more SKUs or products, offering new sales channels, or other major shifts in operations, all companies face the same challenge; implementing physical and operational changes without affecting the customer. The role of the warehouse in the supply chain is to assist in delivering the perfect order to the customer every time. However, warehouse operators still face many challenges that ultimately drive the need for automated warehouse storage solutions.

Operations At An Amazon.com Inc. Fulfillment Center During the ICON Conference














Benefits of Warehouse Automation:

- Increasing Speed.

- Decreasing Cost.

- Maximizing Space.

- Lower Building Costs.

- Better Productivity.

- Reductions in Inventory.

- Reduced Running Cost.