Trolleyless Conveyor System

Trolleyless Conveyor System

Systems with wireless carriers provide the optimal solution for each requirement. Whether it’s a long, short or a micro-trolley, either in motion or gravity, with no trolley or trolley, psb offers a wide range of systems with the most appropriate solution for any job. This extended system kit is completed with the manual or automated warehouse for the object hanger.













Benefits of Trolleyless Conveyors:

- Conveyors offer unlimited opportunities to continuously load and unload items over a long period of time.

- Large factories will have requirements where materials need to be moved between multiple levels or floors. Conveyors can be designed to transport materials across levels, with almost no limitation of height.

- Conveyors can move in both directions. This is very useful when materials need to be moved between opposite ends of a manufacturing unit during the manufacturing process.