Rack-clad Warehouse

Rack-clad Warehouse

The Rack-clad Warehouse is the ideal solution for stacking goods high since its design ensures that the racking structure supports not only the actual goods and the different building elements but also the load of the loads of the handling devices and external elements: wind, snow, seismic movements etc. Furthermore the inly limitation of the height of these buildings is either governed by the local authority regulations or the handling devices to be used. The maximum height of clad-rack buildings is limited by local standards and by the reach height of stacker cranes or fork-lift trucks. This said, warehouses of more than 40 m high can be built These warehouses allow for different degrees of automation to guarantee optimal performance. In the manufacturing process, first assemble the arrays and then construct the building around this structure until the warehouse is completed.


















- Great works of engineering enable the racking to form the structure of the building

- Enables maximum use of available surface area without wastage of space

- Allows a wide range of goods to be stored: pallets, container, bulky packages and very heavy loads

- Storage at high height, enables maximum use of available surface area without wastage of space.

- Allows a wide range of goods to be stored.

- Conventional or automated systems can be used.