Self Supporting Warehouses

Self-Supporting Warehouses

Self-supporting warehouses are solutions which the storage systems are also the static system as well as the support of the wall plates and the ceiling of the establishment.The construction of self-supporting storage spaces can be made for most storage systems so they are capable of storing fairly large quantities of pallets, boxes and general dry-load products or generally cold chain products. Because storage size are the result of analyzing the customer needs and choosing a suitable storage system. Autonomous warehouses have a very high degree of utilization of the building’s size. The height of self-supporting warehouses is limited by the maximum height which permitted by local regulations or by the capabilities of the lifting equipment used. They are usually used with automatic transfer systems. This type of warehouse is particularly recommended for companies where the cost of storage is too high, e.g. food industries, pharmaceutical products.















Advantages of self-supporting warehouses:

- A warehouse tailored to the needs of customers.

- Optimal utilization of the building’s volume.

- With automatic systems or supported by conventional trucks.

- The possibility to use any storage system as a static support system for the wall and ceiling plates.

- Control and security of stored products.