Ideal system for large sized items that are not palletized. Cantilevers racking allows storage for bars, tubes, sheets, coils etc. It is possible create long shelves using drop on panels for arms, avoid uprights interruption. Designed and manufactured in-house, it allows storage on one or both sides of the uprights. The column and the arm are fastened together with high resistance nuts and bolts. It’s easy to assemble and guarantees the same stability and capacity as the welded version. The clear frontal access allows you to stack bulky objects easily even at different heights. Cantilever combines perfectly with the most innovative handling systems such as stacker cranes and lift trucks. The system is useful for a multiple of purpose, light and heavy versions are available.

















- Columns height from 2.025 till 6.000 mm

- Coated arms, depth from 400 till 1.500 mm

- Single and double sided versions;

- Column interaxis standard dimensions from 750 to 2.000 mm

- Level spacing adjustable every 750 or 100 mm

- Arm end stop useful to prevent accidental fall of load.