Conveyors for Pallets

Conveyors for Pallets

ERG offer a flexible and cost-effective pallet conveyor system suitable for assembly lines using automatic or manually controlled workstations. The pallet conveyor systems are based on standard components, which create many possibilities when laying out assembly lines. This also reduces the duration of implementation and inspections. The system is very easy to extend and modify.















- Compared with bulk storage, live storage provides direct access to all the reference lines in the stock.

- High degree of flexibility, quick choice of orders.

- Strict adherence to the FIFO principle (first in, first out).

- Easy control of sales dates, withdrawal quantities and production batches.

- There are no hours of inactivityThe clear layout of the system allows the product to be directly projected onto the collection surface, which reduces processing times and allows predictability of the process.

- Separate loading and sorting lanes.