Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

The pallet rack is the “classic” system in the storage industry. Storage facilities with long journeys are the most common solution. As a rule, service is carried out by lifting machinery with lifting equipment (fork lift trucks), with automatic parking cranes (stacker cranes) and an order picker (shuttles). The pallet racking system allows for easy access to every palette and is very easy to stock. Different configurations are possible and adaptable over time. According to the forklift in use, the aisles can be customized. It allows direct access to every handling unit. It gives the possibility to locate different types of pallets, for weight and dimensions. It allows tailor-made solutions according to forklift in use. With useful and practice-proven accessories, the pallet racking system allows optimal storage of palletised loads in all shapes and sizes.
















Advantages of the system:

- Storage of pallets (europallets), wire pallets and pallets of special dimensions.

- Different installation widths and constructional details that allow for pallet manipulation along and side by side.

- Double-storing.

- Compatible with other storage systems.

- Allows automatic service.

- Still available on mobile bases.

- Implementation for multi-storey construction.

- A wide range of special accessories for each system.