Shuttle Systems

The demands placed on Shuttle Systems are high. They have to ensure exceedingly fast goods transport and quick access times, and need to be extremely dynamic and flexible in terms of capacity and performance – they are especially ideal for companies experiencing fast growth and who have a complex spectrum of products. The Shuttle Systems is ideally suited for use in order fulfilment and distribution centres where high performance and quality are required. Based on the all-in-shuttle concept, the Shuttle Systems can manage one or more of the processes. Pallets are moved with forklift, they are positioned at the beginning of the lane and the shuttle provides to move them to the back in store position. Shuttle is relocated from one lane to another one by forklift. When pallets are selected for picking, shuttle provides to carry them to the front of the lane.
















- Flexibility in incoming and outgoing streams.

- Increase in incoming and outgoing flows.

- Adaptable to layout changes.

- Modular and easy increase in the number of buses with the resulting change in performance.