Vertical Storage Carrousel

Vertical Storage Carrousel.

While on the outside the Vertical Carousel storage system looks very much like a Vertical Lift Module, the inner workings are a bit different. Instead of a lift locating and retrieving your inventory item like it does with a VLM, the Vertical Carousel is a series of trays that rotate, giving the operator access to the inventory items on the shelf or tray at the bottom. As with the Vertical Lift Module system, the Vertical Carousels also integrate hardware and software in order to provide the operator with an efficient, safe and secure way of accessing inventory items for order fulfillment. Additionally, like the VLM’s, Vertical Carousels also maximize usage of available real estate in your warehouse. The result will be a more compact, organized and safe work environment for you and your employees to benefit from. It is the ideal solution when it is necessary to operate quickly and ergonomically in limited spaces. The rotating shelves always follow the shortest route to present the material to the operator in the consultation area. They usually come with a hand crank in case the power goes out, or there is an electrical malfunction. They can also have access control to determine which of your team members has access to what is stored in the machine. Vertical carousels are available with top of the line computer software that gives users the ability to control inventory as well as place orders. This software can interface with your system or work as a standalone. They are available in various sizes and heights to work in just about any area.











- Goods to Man.

- Optimization of space and work times.

- Traceability of materials and operations.

- Remote archive access and consultation.

- Protection of goods.

- Increase organization of inventory in one, convenient and secure location.

- Enhance security with password protected graphical user interface.

- Reduce excess labor costs and improve employee happiness.