Multi Tier

Multi Tier

Within any warehouse, space utilisation, i.e., floor space taken and height utilised, is an important factor in judging the efficiency of an installation. Multi – tier shelving – whether used as an indipendent solution or as part of a facility comprising different storage techiques – increases storage efficiency by multiplying the surface utilisation ratio. Staff operations are done manually, following the principle ”man-to-goods”. The system allows floor surface to increase, according to the levels. Different areas inside could be useful for different purposes: assembling, receiving goods, picking, preparing orders and much more. Stairs or lifts connect the walkways on different tiers. Different kinds of floor are available in order to answer to different needs.














Advantages of the system:

- Good height utilisation multiplies available storage space.

- Compact storage of light to medium – weight storage units.

- Simultaneous order picking on severals tiers reduces order processing times.

 – Limited investment costs, as the components of the system serve as integral and supporting elements of passage ways and platforms.