Modular Warehouse

Modular Warehouse

Warehouses often require additional rooms to enhance productivity, employee comfort, and communication between workers and plant managers. Portable, prefab warehouse offices serve as an ideal solution for facilities seeking optimal flexibility and versatility. Perhaps you need an extra office in your warehouse for an individual, or for multiple staff members, or to accommodate an entire team. Commercial Structures has expertise in a wide range of modular warehouse buildings, including quality-control booths, transmission buildings, archive storage, weigh stations, security areas, restroom facilities, first-aid buildings, time-clock stations, and engineering offices. For our clients, adaptability is key, and to address in-plant space expansion requests, we can fabricate and install two-story and multi-story buildings. These offices are flexible, economical, and space-efficient. Two-story buildings can be fabricated as all-steel constructions without superstructures or mezzanines, offering superior sound control between floors.















Modular in-plant buildings allow:

- Easy oversight of warehouse operations.

- Fast and easy installation.

- Customization into virtually any shape.

- Multi-story constructions.

- Set up for internet, power, and heating or air conditioning access.

- Specialty designs and components (ie hardened walls or extra soundproofing).